Guidelines for reopening:

1• It is important to make it known that, if you are sick or have symptoms of Flu/cold or have had symptoms in the last three weeks, please stay home. We also recommend people with chronic illnesses to stay at home.
2• We will continue to transmit our services online.

3• Before we enter our temple, we will be taking everyone’s temperature.

4• The capacity of our sanctuary will be (80 people) to comply to reopening guidelines.

5• English service will begin at 9:30 am and end at 10:30am.

6• There will be 2 Spanish services; 11am and 12:30 pm.

7• Spanish services only; families and individuals whose surname begins the letters A-L, are being asked to attend the 11 am service only and families and individuals whose surnames begin with the letters M-Z, please attend the 12:30 pm service only.

8• Volunteers from each congregation will be needed to clean and wipe down counters and facilities in bathrooms during and after each service. It is of the upmost importance that we have representation from each congregation in order to proceed with the reopening of our Sunday morning worship services.

9• All worship service attendees will have to bring their own PPE/ face masks (which you will always be required to wear while present on church property) You will be responsible for your own safety.
10• Bring your own water bottle to drink, the water fountain will be out of service.
11• The church will provide hand sanitizer, but if possible, bring your own.
12• Please keep your hands to yourself, avoid unnecessary touching of objects or items within the temple to maximize safety for all worshippers in attendance.

13• Families will be seated in the sanctuary following rules of social distancing. (you will not be able to choose your own seats or change your seating assignment once you have been seated. Families will be seated together, and individuals will be seated in assigned locations to maintain social distancing guidelines.

14• For our own safety it is recommended that there be no physical greetings, only greetings of cordiality (for example, smile or greet with a hand gesture or simulate an embrace.)

15• It is recommended that once inside the sanctuary you always keep your children with you or in their respective classes if provided. (we also recommend keeping bathroom use to a minimum as is humanly possible)

16• Our services will only last an hour. For this reason, we beg you to be punctual, for you will not be able to come to any service other than the one assigned to you.

17• Also, at the end of our services we recommend that you exit the sanctuary at the side door exits. (We will exit out the side doors only) once outside the temple we recommend heading to your vehicles and depart the premises. Please avoid crowds in the parking lot or on church grounds.

Our desire is that we will be blessed, as we comply to the reopening guidelines that we have been given by the powers that be. Please avoid gossip, and complaints. We are facing a challenge and the least we can do is pray and take what we have for the moment.
We encourage you to pray for one another as we face these challenges together with the help of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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